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Transforming health and wellbeing in livestock

The problem

All farmers monitor energy status, fertility and lameness daily, to ensure a productive, healthy and sustainable herd. In the absence of a single integrated system able to measure these conditions in real time, they rely on observation; expensive blood-based testing; proxies or judgement, which puts the animals at risk and reduces yield.

Our Solution

Chordata will solve this problem by creating the first integrated health microchip for livestock, with daily, real time data and animal-specific health alerts for farmers and vets. Real time access to crucial information will enable early detection of disease, reduce monitoring costs, improve herd management, increase yield and productivity, provide provenance data for processors and enable telemedicine for dairy farmers, worldwide.

Transforming health and wellbeing in pets

The problem

Millions of pets are overweight, suffer from diabetes, stress, inflammation or pain, because their owners and vets are unable to detect their condition early, or to monitor their ongoing condition for the most beneficial treatment.

Our Solution

Chordata solves this problem with the first integrated ID and health microchip for pets, sending health alerts to pet owners and their vets for early intervention and real time data for condition management.
The health chip and wearable will increase early detection, improve monitoring and treatment, reduce vet costs, reduce the cost of treatment, enable telemedicine and improve animal wellbeing.

our story

Virtuous circle for animal wellbeing

Chordata recognises that the quickest way to improve animal health is to motivate and inform companies providing services to them, with data-driven insight and engaging content.

Collaboration and co‑development

We work with leading brands in the pet and livestock sectors, worldwide.  Our first step is to analyse how our technology can be optimised for the needs of their business, their customers and markets to ensure beneficial impact on animal health.

our journey

Our strategy is collaborative design, to develop technology and solutions with impact at scale from day one

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