The Challenge


Millions of pets are overweight, suffer from diabetes, stress, inflammation or pain, simply because their owners and vets are unable to detect their condition early, or to monitor their ongoing health for the most beneficial treatment. 

Diabetes, arthritis, kidney infection and obesity are on the rise costing £millions in vet fees and reducing lifespan.

Our Solution

Chordata solves this problem with the first integrated ID and HEALTH MICROCHIP FOR PETS, sending health alerts to pet owners and their vets for early intervention and real time data for condition management.The health chip and wearable will increase early detection, improve monitoring and treatment, reduce vet costs, reduce the cost of treatment, enable telemedicine and improve animal wellbeing

Chordata Solution

The Companion Animal Health Market

The global pet care market is valued at over USD 223 billion, with a CAGR of 5.9% to 2026.  Growth is being driven by a new demand from owners for better nutrition, telemedicine and health monitoring solutions. 

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Despite an ever-increasing demand for pets, the reality for dogs and cats is a decline in welfare with increased obesity,  separation anxiety, anti-social behaviour and a shorter lifespan. Owners are often ill-informed about health and welfare and do not spot illness early, resulting in high medical costs, mortality and the pain of loss. Vets rely on expensive lab tests for diagnosis and are often hampered by late intervention with animals not showing symptoms or owners not recognising a condition until well advanced.

Current microchip ID technology is outdated with little value apart from identifying recovered pets.  Pet-tech is focused on location, movement and behavior and does not inform early intervention to reduce disease or the cost of treatment. Owners and vets are looking for real time data to help them identify conditions early with telehealth to inform diagnosis, prescription and long term care.  

Chordata will meet this new need with the first health microchip for companion animals.  We will focus on early adopter markets – the US, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the UK, Australia and New Zealand  – over 280,000,000 dogs and cats – to prove impact on care, health and wellbeing, prior to a global roll out.  Our products and systems will be licensed to commercial partners who will sell custom solutions through their own channels to B2B and B2C customers.