The Challenge

All farmers monitor energy status, fertility and lameness daily, to ensure a productive, healthy and sustainable herd. In the absence of a single integrated system able to measure these conditions in real time, they rely on observation, expensive blood-based testing, proxies or judgement, which puts the animals at risk and reduces yield.

  •      1 in 5 farm animals are lost due to preventable disease
  •      Livestock producers lose $21bn to animal disease each year

Our Solution

Chordata will solve this problem by creating the first integrated HEALTH MICROCHIP FOR LIVESTOCK, with daily, real time data and animal-specific health alerts for farmers and vets.

Real time access to crucial information for farmers and vets will enable early detection of disease, reduce monitoring costs, improve herd management, increase yield and productivity, provide provenance data for processors and enable telemedicine for dairy farmers, worldwide

Chordata Solution

The Livestock Health Market

The global on-farm agricultural technology market is estimated at USD 14 billion, with a CAGR of 9.8% to 2025.

Rising pressure on food systems resulting from a growing global population, rising demand for protein products in developing economies and a surge in innovation is fuelling investment in AgTech, with the hardware market likely to account for the largest share of on farm technology adoption.

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Current agtech has led to confusion and unjustifiable cost for farm managers. Data is often poorly presented with single sensor readings that do not inform critical daily decisions on farm. Without reliable information, there is too high a reliance on time-poor veterinary practices who themselves struggle for profit, with expensive treatments used too frequently and increased risk of AMR in humans. Covid-19 has heightened the demand for telecare for remote diagnosis and prescription driven by real time data.

Chordata will meet this new need with the first health microchip for livestock.  We will focus on markets where the need is greatest and short-term impact can be achieved – the US and Canada, the UK and EU, Australia and New Zealand – with 60,000,000 dairy cows – to prove impact on health and wellbeing, prior to a global roll out.  We will licence our products to commercial partners who will re-sell custom solutions through their own channels directly to B2B customers